Updated 6/1/2023

Monday Practice at the Post, upstairs small room, 7:15 p.m.

Weekly practices began on March 6 and continue until the fall break. Open to everyone: non-members, listeners, new musicians.


Dorchester Day, June 4, trolley; step off at 1:00

Carpool will leave Post at 11:15

Foxboro Parade, June 10, 10:00 step off, MARCHING

Starting location: 132 Central Street, ending at 70 Carpenter Street, 1.2 miles

No shuttle, end of parade is .5 miles from beginning of parade

For more information go to their website:


Parade — Foxborough Founders Day

Bunker Hill Day, June 11, TROLLEY

  • The trolley will leave the Post at 10:30 sharp for 12:30 step off
  • Let us know if you need to be picked up at the parade - we can pick you up at Schrafft Center in Sullivan Square. 93 bus will get you there.
  • The parade will start at Hayes Square
  • After the parade, we will put on a short performance in front of the Halligan Club, where we will be provided with food.

Riverfest, June 17, 12:00, Concert (45 minutes)

Margarita’s Patio, 211 Moody Street, Waltham

Braintree parade, July 1, TROLLEY, 11:45 step off at RMV parking lot, 10 Pearl Street, Braintree;

Trolley leaves Post at 10:00 

Burlington July 4: July 4, MARCHING 11:00 step off

Car pool leaves Post at 9:30

2.5 miles; shuttles before parade

You can park at 125 Winn Street

Wakefield July 4, 5:00 step off TROLLEY

Trolley leaves Post at 3:15

Staging at 607 North Avenue, Wakefield

Newburyport, August 6, marching (tentative)

Jaffrey, August 19, marching

Concert on the (Waltham) Common: Tuesday, August 29

Marlborough Labor Day Parade, Sept 4, marching

Wrentham 350th parade, Sept 16, marching

Shrewsbury, August 8, MARCHING